"While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see." - Dorothea Lange

Monday, October 5

Table that for a moment. ~ 9/23/09


Lara K said...

I really like 2 things here: one, I like your Paul Strand quote in the header, and two, I think your this image is a tremendous example of formalism...the contrast of textures, the pattern, the compositional elements (use of the diagonal). All that said, I think the title detracts from the image's elegance. It is certainly a bit humorous, especially if taken in the context of being a stereotypical big-business lingo sort of phrase tacked onto a machined outdoor surace; however, I think the image stands on its own. Maybe I am misreading the intent of the title.

Andrea said...

Thanks Lara, i will give what you have said some thought. I appreciate your comment!